This is our current collection of games on the GAMECUBE

battalion wars


crash tage team racing
disney’s extreme skate adventure
fifa soccer 2005
finding nemo
looney tunes back in action
luigi’s mansion
madden 2002 madden 2003
mario golf toadstool tour
mario party 4

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

mx superlfy
need for speed underground
nhl 2003
pacman vs pacman world 2
pinball hall of fame
resident evil
resident evil 4
scooby doo night of 100 frights
sega soccer slam
sonic heroes

SSX Tricky

star fox adventures
star wars ii lego the original trilogy
star wars rogue leader rogue squadron ii
super mario sunshine
super monkey ball 2
tales of symphonia
tetris worlds
the legend of zelda collector’s edition
the legend of zelda four swords adventures
the legend of zelda the windwaker
the legend of zelda twighlight princess
tmnt 2 battle nexus
tony hawk’s american wasteland
tony hawk’s pro skater 3
tony hawk’s pro skater 4

Turok: Evolution

ty the tasmanian tiger 2 bush rescue
viewtiful joe
wrestlemania x8