New Reduced Price!!!!

Here at Channel 3 we are committed to providing the best quality service at the best possible price. So after much deliberation, and listening to the requests of our customers we have decided to lower the price of our adult daily pass to 7$!


Thats right just 7 bucks for all day retro gaming fun!

Stop by today to see just what its all about.

Huge Update!

Where does the time go!? We’ve been working hard getting out Arcades for our clients and as well for, our Arcade, soon to come. So much to do, so little time… Heres a pictorial update of what we’ve been up to the past 4 months!

ms pac-man side art

just came in today, got the side art for ms-pacman, looks like we should have that installed by the end of tonight.

ready to get that thing out the door. will post pictures asap.



headed to the shop

just about to head to the workshop to install the monitor in this defender multicade for boss stage arcade, in northglenn colorado.

we will post pics soon, just want to pop in for a quick post.


have a great day!