Boss Stage

What is the deal with the final boss? I have always had a problem finishing games. I can get all the way to the last boss, usually I am able to advance through the game at a decent enough pace, that I don’t lose attention from dying too much, or facing any extremely challenging parts of any game; until I get to the very end.

Once I am ready to face the boss, and finish the game, for some reason, at that point I just want to put the game down; sometimes to never pick it back up.

It takes so much commitment to finish a video game. Its usually those final bosses that are a true motivation killer, especially the ones where you just have to face all of the mini bosses in a sequence without dying, (yes I am talking about you Actraiser) what is even up with that anyway? I beat all of these losers, and now they just get to gang up on me at the very end? LAAAAAAAAAME! I seriously don’t want to do that.

Happy Birthday Us!


CH3 Closing Early (@6pm) Sunday July 8th!


Ch3’s gonna turn 1 year old! How exciting, we really have gone through some big changes, and we are looking forward to another amazing year!

Thanks so much to everybody for coming through this year and sharing great times with us!

Stop by On July 8th, Between Noon and 6pm to help us celebrate!


Our phone line is temporarily out of commission. Please contact us via Facebook Messenger or Email! We promise to respond as soon as possible, sorry for the inconvenience , we should be up and running again very soon.

And Joust has departed…

Joust, Mario Bros, Pac-Man,Ms. Pac-Man, and Galaga will be at an event this weekend, they will return on Tuesday to Ch3, for your gaming enjoyment!

Sorry to disappoint

Joust arrives!

Here is a game that spent quite a while at the shop before finally being introduced to the arcade. It is all original, clean and in very nice shape!

Thanks to Rabid Bear for helping us get this monitor looking pretty!

Come play this game!




its rolling thunder from atari! its a pretty fun side scrolling shooter. a very nice edition to the arcade. stop by and check it out, we will have more new games coming through here in the next few weeks, stay tuned for details!

weekly tournament #5

jayden took was champ of the week again, after facing down colin in the finals of our first smash bros melee tournament. we had a good turn out, and hope to get some more people in to battle this week!


Wednesday weekly tournament #4

Its almost time again for another weekly tournament, this week we will be playing dragonball fighterz on the playstation 4!

10$ guaranteed as usual plus one dollar from every competitor going into the prize pool! join in on the fun, meet cool people, play fun games, win the cheddar!

Ch3 Tournament #3 Ballin Colin

Colin is 14$ richer after winning the super smash brothers brawl project m tournament at ch3 yesterday! we are so happy for him, and ready to whoop up on him next week at ch3 Wednesday Weekly tournament #4. We hope to see you all out as well. Remember the more competitors the higher the jackpot!