Wednesday weekly tournament #4

Its almost time again for another weekly tournament, this week we will be playing dragonball fighterz on the playstation 4!

10$ guaranteed as usual plus one dollar from every competitor going into the prize pool! join in on the fun, meet cool people, play fun games, win the cheddar!

Ch3 Tournament #3 Ballin Colin

Colin is 14$ richer after winning the super smash brothers brawl project m tournament at ch3 yesterday! we are so happy for him, and ready to whoop up on him next week at ch3 Wednesday Weekly tournament #4. We hope to see you all out as well. Remember the more competitors the higher the jackpot!

Wednesday Weekly Free Roll # 2

Vote for this Wednesday Weekly tournament on facebook.

Will it be Dragonball FighterZ, Super Mario Kart 64, or Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting?

10$ guaranteed + bonus purse!

Nothing is sweeter than a free roll!

Wednesday April 4 2018,

Register before 7:00, tournament starts at 7:15!

Play games win cash!

SFV tournament tomorrow march 28th @ch3

25 dollars guaranteed to the winner, and a bonus prize purse of 1 dollar from every competitor will be added to the winners prize money.

register before 6 and the tournament starts at 7pm.


stop by and check it out


hope to see you there!

New Reduced Price!!!!

Here at Channel 3 we are committed to providing the best quality service at the best possible price. So after much deliberation, and listening to the requests of our customers we have decided to lower the price of our adult daily pass to 7$!


Thats right just 7 bucks for all day retro gaming fun!

Stop by today to see just what its all about.