How it works

Channel 3 is a prepay to free-play classic arcade: pay a flat rate; play all day. All games are set to free play; no quarters or tokens required; day passes include access to the our console library which extends from the nintendo nes-ps4!

DAY PASS: 7$ includes hand stamp for readmission all day

STUDENT DAY PASS:(valid with any current student id) 5$ includes hand stamp for readmission all day!

Month Pass: Just 20 $ per month for unlimited play!

Family Pass: 50$ for 4 people for one month unlimited play!

Private parties/team building/corporate events: 170$ per hour during closed times and 200$ per hour for parties booked during regular operating hours.

Please check our calendar to check for upcoming events, tournaments, contests, and to be sure we are not hosting a private party on a day that you are planning on coming to visit us!

Arcade Hours

Mon: Closed

Tue: 4:30pm-10pm

Wed: 4:30pm-10pm

Thu: 4:30pm-10pm

Fri: 4:30pm-2am

Sat: Noon-2am

Sun: Noon-10pm

Game List

This is our up to date offering, check back here as games are often changing, and we are always keeping it fresh.


*NEW GAME* Joust .                                 


Altered Beast .                                               

DarkStalkerS .                                               

Street Fighter Alpha                                   


Ghouls and Ghosts                                      

Rolling Thunder                                           


 Virtual On                                                        






Smash TV                                                         

Street Fighter Hyper Fighting                 

Marvel vs. Capcom                                        

Marvel vs. Capcom 2                                    


Marvel vs. Street Fighter                            

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker               


Samurai Shodown                                         

Golden Axe                                                       

Super Mario Bros.                                         

Mario Bros.                                                      

Ms. Pacman                                                    

Karate Champ                                               

Missile Command                                       


Neo Geo                                                           









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