CH3 is now streaming Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournaments Tuesday Nights 6:30pm MST! Check out our youtube if you cant tune in live!



How It Works

Channel 3 is a prepay to free-play classic arcade: pay a flat rate; play all day. All games are set to free play; no quarters or tokens required; day passes include access to the our console library which extends from Nintendo Entertainment System to the Playstation 4!

Alongside being an arcade, CH3 is also a video game shop. We specialize in classic games, accessories, toys, memorabilia, and oddities. We have tons of games always on hand, and are always willing to negotiate a fair deal!

We also perform video game repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Having trouble with a classic arcade cabinet? We can help diagnosis, and repair most issues related to arcade game malfunctions. Body work, water damage, monitor issues, broken buttons, broken joysticks, and more. We may not be able to fix every problem, but if we can’t get the job done ourselves, we’ll be able to get you in touch with someone who can.

Want a custom arcade cabinet built to suit your specific needs and tastes? Say no more, stop by the arcade and let us know just what you want and we can start working on a custom arcade cabinet for your home or office.


All day passes include a hand stamp for readmission all day!

General Day Pass: $10

Student Day Pass (valid with any current student ID): $7

Kid Day Pass: $7

Month Pass: Just $20 per month for unlimited play!

Family Pass: Just $50 per month for unlimited play for 4 people!

Private Party Room: 120$/hr plus admission for attendees. Party room includes: 2 private console screens, with two consoles of your choice, 2/2 player arcade cabinets of your choice, a party table all in your V.I.P. area!

Private parties/team building/corporate events: $170 per hour during closed times and $300 per hour for parties booked during regular operating hours.

 Arcade Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Sunday: Noon to 11 PM


Email: channel3games@gmx.com




Phone: 303-274-7811

1825 Youngfield St, Golden, CO 80401

Arcade Cabinet List

These are all of our arcade titles. We are always changing things up and keeping it fresh, so please check back often.




Turbo OutRun                                            


Space Invaders                                            Image result for space invaders arcade banner

Gyruss                                                             Image result for gyruss arcade logo

KLAX                                                                Image result for klax arcade banner



Altered Beast                                                 

Street Fighter Alpha                                   

Ghouls and Ghosts                                      

Rolling Thunder                                           

 Virtual On                                                        



Smash TV                                                         

SFII Hyper currently down, awaiting monitor replacement)                                                                                                                

Marvel vs. Capcom                                        

Marvel vs. Capcom 2                                    

Marvel vs. Street Fighter                            

Samurai Shodown                                         

Golden Axe                                                       

Super Mario Bros.                                         

Mario Bros.                                                      

Ms. Pac-Man                                                  

Karate Champ                                               

Missile Command                                       

Neo Geo                                                           



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